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Palm products
Lonsum’s oil palm plantations are located in three locations, i.e. North Sumatra, South Sumatra and East Kalimantan.
Total area of oil palm plantation in North Sumatra is 35,623 ha, and this location has 4 palm oil mills. The Company also produces a small amount of palm kernel oil and palm kernel meal in North Sumatra.
South Sumatra area comprises 34,890 ha of inti (Company owned) oil palm plantations. In addition, South Sumatra includes 31,726 ha of plasma (smallholder farmer) oil palm plantations. Lonsum has six palm oil mills in South Sumatra.
East Kalimantan comprises 5,100 ha of inti oil palm plantations. A new palm oil mill is under construction in East Kalimantan and is due for commissioning in July 2009.

Lonsum has seven factories producing sheet rubber and crumb rubber for both domestic sales and export.
Currently the Company has a total of 17,394 ha under rubber plantations, which are located in North Sumatra, South Sumatra and South Sulawesi.

Lonsum has reduced its planted cocoa areas by over 40% over the last few years, and has 2,748 ha planted. Cocoa plantations are located in North Sumatera, East Java and North Sulawesi.

Tea is produced at our 569 ha Kertasarie Estate in West Java.

Oil Palm Seeds
A large part of oil palm seeds produced by Lonsum were sold to the external parties; and the rest are used for its own plantation, and the balance was planted to nursery for sale as seedling.