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Statistic and Informatic Data

Statistic and Informatic Data

Data and Statistics division has an important role to ensure all data from the beginning to the latest research well stored with a reliable level of security. Currently, Lonsum has 352 estate trials that are scattered throughout the Lonsum estates. Thus, it is possible that Lonsum has the largest number of trials than other agriculture-based research institutions of in Indonesia.

Data and Statistics division also helps researchers for statistical analysis, giving advices on the best experimental designs and foremost researchers to manage all the data from the data entry through statistical analysis of each experiments with the application of the latest statistics.


Informatics incorporated in Statistic Data division give an easiness for any researchers and non-researchers in Lonsum research institutions through the provision of computer applications including websites. So that the routing activities include research, laboratory, commercial seed production, experimental data entry and others can run more efficient, effective, and faster with high degree of accuracy.


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