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Trichoderma virens (SBJ 8)

Bio Fungicide is Ingrediented active Trichoderma virens (SBJ 8)

Basal Stem Rot (BSR) of oil palm caused by Ganoderma boninense, is a major disease in Southeast Asia. Various types of control techniques have been done. Sumatra Bioscience recommends a replanting system by using one year land management for prevention and enumeration of oil palm trunk which can significantly reduce the incidence of infection for the next generations (Virdiana et.al, 2011).

Selection of biological agents to control Ganoderma infections has been done by Sumatra Bioscience (SumBio). Trichoderma SBJ 8 derived from oil palm in Lonsum estate, North Sumatra, has been tested in the laboratory, nursery and field. The result showed that the tested-isolates were able to control the disease Ganoderma.

Trichoderma isolates have been proven for having a good growth rate and showed aggressiveness in the test by using glass chamber and nursery.


At the nursery stage: Trichoderma SBJ 8 against Ganoderma in oil palm seedlings by treatments:

A.       Palm seedling which had been inoculated Ganoderma was planted on rubber wood block which had been aplicated 200 gr Trichoderma SBJ8 on upper block side.

B.       Palm seedling which had been inoculated Ganoderma was planted on soil mixture media and 200 gr Trichoderma SBJ8

C.      Control (Palm seedling which had been inoculated Ganoderma and it was not applicated Trichoderma)

(a) The bait seedling infected by Ganoderma in control (no treatment) after 12 weeks after inoculation. (b) The primary root of infected seedlings in contact with rubber wood block directly source of Ganoderma inoculum. (c) Ganoderma isolates on rubber wood block in glass chamber colonized by Trichoderma at 2 weeks after inoculation (d) Ganoderma isolates on rubber wood block in glass chamber has not shown the growth at 4 weeks after inoculation.

Experiments in the field trial: the application of Trichoderma was conducted in the planting hole area (before planting) and compared to control (without Trichoderma SBJ 8 application).

Price: Rp. 18,500 / kg

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