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Investor Relations
30/07/18Lonsum Highlights, 1H, 2018
30/07/18Interim Consolidated Financial Statements, June 30, 2018
30/04/18Interim Consolidated Financial Statements, Maret 31, 2018.
Research & Development
24/08/16Fertilizer Recommendation
24/08/16Trichoderma virens (SBJ 8)
24/08/16Cordyceps militaris
Pers Release
02/10/18Allegations Related to Labour and Human Rights at IndoAgri, (Sept, 2018)
30/07/18Financial Performance 1H, 2018
06/06/18Lonsum distributes Dividends on July 3, 2018
Annual Reports
02/08/18Sustainability Report, 2017
02/05/18Annual Report 2017
08/05/17Annual Report 2016
29/04/16Annual Report 2015
09/06/15Annual Report 2014
Commodity Quotes

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